Mr. Vi Duong
Online via Zoom
Saturday, June 10 2023 | 09:30 AM
Online via Zoom

🎨✨ Welcome to “How AI Impacts Artists”! 🤖🎨

Join us as we explore the transformative power of AI and its impact on artists, shedding light on new opportunities and creative possibilities.

Our distinguished speaker, Mr. Vi Duong, a renowned 2D artist, will be sharing his deep insights and experiences in navigating the realm of AI within his artistic journey.

During this event, we will explore the various ways in which AI has become an invaluable tool for artists, providing them with new avenues for exploration and expression. From generating inspiring ideas and assisting in the creative process to enhancing productivity and enabling innovative art forms, AI has revolutionized the way artists bring their visions to life.

Join us as we uncover the exciting applications of AI in art, from the fusion of AI and traditional techniques to the emergence of entirely new artistic styles. We will also delve into the ethical considerations and challenges that arise as AI becomes increasingly integrated into the art world.

Whether you’re an artist curious about incorporating AI into your creative process or simply fascinated by the evolving relationship between technology and art, this event promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights from Mr. Vi Duong, a visionary artist who has harnessed the power of AI to expand the boundaries of his own artistic practice.

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Mr. Vi Duong
2D Artist
- 2D digital artist 2011
- founder Culu artwork ,Culu Workshop
- teaching Culu class
- Co-founder Octobros Crew.
- Art director Culu Team