AI/ML Engineer - NLP

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Contract Duration: 12 months
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Python  3 yearsAI  3 yearsPyTorch  3 years
Blockchain  2 yearsScrum  2 yearsAgile  2 years

Why You'll Love Working Here

The mixture of working culture
Extremely data-driven and process-guided in every company’s activity

Job Description

  • BUILD the Virtual Assistant Core
  • Define and track key success metrics for the AI Platforms (e.g Task Success Rate)
  • Work as a core member of Platform team with PM, Designer, Engineers to complete every milestone timely
  • Engage directly on all aspects of building the platform – including infrastructure (Compute, Storage, Networking), data ingestion (batch and streaming), ETL, AI libraries, inference engine, offline training pipeline, orchestration, operation and optimization.
  • Guide the junior when possible on how to do literature review, research, evaluation and implement AI models
  • SOLVE the right AI problems

Your Skills and Experience

  • Have 2+ years of hands-on industry experience in NLP and preferred experience with NLU
  • Prior experience in any of RASA, Azure chatbot, DialogFlow or Amazon Lex
  • Strong programming skills in Python or R
  • Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms in AI/ML.
  • Extensive experience in at least one deep learning framework: PyTorch, TensorFlow or Keras.
  • Strong research capabilities
  • Hands-on experience in AI/ML model building, tuning and deploying.
  • Familiar with API Design & Development using REST and GraphQL
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Familiar with Lean, Agile and Scrum working models
  • Plus point  if having experience and knowledge in Blockchain, Kubeflow, Knowledge Graph and Data Analytics

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