Frontend Engineer

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Contract Duration: 12 months
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Javascript  3 yearsObject-Oriented Programming  3 yearsAlgorithms  3 years
AngularJS .x  2 yearsReactjs  2 yearsScrum  2 yearsAgile  2 years

Why You'll Love Working Here

The mixture of working culture
Extremely data-driven and process-guided in every company’s activity

Job Description

  • Develop features and improvements to the GitLab product in a secure, well-tested, and performant way
  • Micro-servicify the frontend to solve scaling issues
  • Work as a core member of Platform team with PM, Designer, Engineers to complete every milestone timely
  • Coordinate with Research team for integration and deployment of AI and third-party services. 
  • Learn, experiment, measure and optimize the performance and security of the platform
  • Implement best practices on microservices, data management and tokenized features.
  • Guide the junior when possible on how to restructure the project, clean the code, migrate the solution, etc.
  • SOLVE the right problems

Your Skills and Experience

  • Have 3+ years of hands-on industry experience developing scalable and robust software applications in web environments with exposure to both frontend and backend technology stacks.
  • Strong coding skills (in Javascript or any Typescript)
  • Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, Object Oriented Programming and design patterns.
  • Experience with modern client side frameworks or libraries such as ReactJS, AngularJs, EmberJS.
  • Experience with writing automated tests (eg. Jest, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, AVA, tape)
  • Experience using Git in a professional/workplace environment
  • Familiar with API Design & Development using REST and GraphQL
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills (detail oriented & analytics)
  • Basic understanding of deployment pipelines on AWS
  • Familiar with Lean, Agile and Scrum working models
  • Plus point  if having experience and knowledge in AI, Blockchain and Big Data

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