TE#08: How to become a Full-stack Data Scientist

Who is the Full-stack data scientist?

They are general scientists with the job of an engineer and work on each phase of the data science lifecycle.

A full-stack data scientist’s scope of work includes every component of a data science business initiative, from problem identification, and training, to deploying machine learning models that benefit stakeholders.


  • What does a particular Full stack Data scientist do in a data lifecycle?
  • And to become a full-stack scientist, what skills will you need to equip yourself?
  • Is the path to becoming a data scientist really interesting, exciting, and particularly right for you?

Join Gambaru to answer the above questions at the 8th Technical Event sharing session, which will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, April 16.

The event will have the participation of Mr. Tam Pham, lecturer at Griffith University.