TE#14 | Gamba x CodeGym Online: Career Path For Front-end Developer

The very last days of the year are a time for us to look back on the journey we have gone through and the achievements we have achieved during the past year.

👨‍💻Who will you become in the next 5, or 10 years? Will you be an expert Front-end Developer or Project Manager?

👨‍💻Have you chosen the goal you want to pursue or are still confused about your own journey, do not know where you will go in the future?

Understanding the struggle of most young new programmers, Technical Event: “Career Path for Front-end Developer” spoken by Mr. Hau Nguyen – Founder of Easy Frontend. Through his practical experience, you will better understand:

📌Learning path to become a Front-end Developer from scratch

📌Skills required for a Front-end Developer

📌Development roadmap and career opportunities in the market

📌Chatting with speakers and participating in Quiz Game activities