TE#07 | Design For Failure – How AWS Thinks About Reliability

Mr. Ryan Dao
Online via Zoom
Event #07
Wednesday, May 18 2022 | 02:14 AM
Online via Zoom

Have you ever struggled with building a reliable system for your company?

We all know that reliability leads to customer satisfaction, and in some cases, prevents millions of dollars of lost revenues when systems go down.

In this Technical Event #07, let’s meet Ryan – Ex-Senior Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) – and get to know more on how to solve this familiar problem.

Technical Event #07, topic AWS Reliability, SRE
Technical Event #07, topic AWS Reliability, SRE

If you’re a backend or an infrastructure engineer, and you already are familiar with basic software development principles, or with Cloud Computing platforms, we’re pretty sure that you don’t want to miss out on this event!

The topic covers

  1. What is Reliability and why should you care

  2. Different levels of reliability and how to identify your reliability target

  3. Overview of Design for Failure - AWS's philosophy for achieving high reliability

  4. Applying Design for Failure in building software applications

Presented by
Mr. Ryan Dao
Ex-Senior Software Engineer @Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Linkedin
Ryan is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience working for startups and big tech companies in Singapore and the US. He's currently building his own startup company after spending 5.5 years working as a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Prior to AWS, he worked at PayPal in Singapore as part of the company's expansion to the Asia Pacific. Before that, he helped various startups across Singapore and the US build their first products at scale while attending school at the National University of Singapore.